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Art Nouveau in Turin~Liberty~Photos

by Caterina Guglieri

Raby House

Pietro Fenoflio and Gottardo Gussoni


Pecco House

Pietro Fenoglio


Florio House

Gottardo Gussoni and Arnaldo Riccio


Tasca House

Giovan Battista Benazzo


La Fleur House

Pietro Fenoglio


Macciotta House

Pietro Fenoglio


Noro-Borione House

Pietro Fenoglio


Noro-Borione House

Angelo Santonè


Baloire House

Enrico Bonicelli


Transparency by Colin Rowe & Robert Slutzky: a PDF copy (Chinese Version) and a related board on Pinterest

Transparency is a concept brought forward by a group of scholars at the University of Texas in the middle of the 20th century, who are also called altogether ‘the Texas Rangers’ and are represented mainly by Colin Rowe and Robert Slutzky.

The work Transparency mainly includes first the explanations of this concept and its following theory of ‘literal and phenomenal transparency’, and then the comparison among cubisist paintings and works by Walter Gropius and Le Corbusier.

The following links are useful for learning about this theory. The first is a pdf copy of Transparency (in Chinese), the second is a Pinterest board including most of the related illustrations in the book, to which I have been adding notes as comments according to the author’s opinions.

PDF file: transparency

Pinterest board website:

–Xiang Li

TOMORROW’s guided tour to Liberty & Neo-Liberty

History of Contemporary Architecture

Academic Year: 2016-2017

Prof. Michela Rosso

Guided tour to Liberty and Neo-Liberty in Turin: Tuesday 6th December 2016

9,30 – 13,00 am

meeting point: 9,30 on time Corso Francia n. 2 (North side, under the arcades)

The tour will be led by Andrea Ronzino, Davide Vero, and Rossana Schiraldi

List of buildings

built around the 1902 Turin Exhibition and Decorative and Industrial Arts

in Corso Francia neighbourhood

1) RABY HOUSE (1901), Pietro Fenoglio with Gottardo Gussoni

Corso Francia 8/b

2) PECCO HOUSE (1902), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Luigi Cibrario 12

3) LA FLEUR HOUSE (1902), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Principi D’Acaja 11

4) FLORIO HOUSE (1902), Arnaldo Riccio with Gottardo Gussoni

Via Luigi Cibrario 15

5) TASCA HOUSE (1902/3), Giovan Battista Benazzo

Via Piffetti 4 / Via Beaumont 3

6) MACCIOTTA HOUSE (1904), Pietro Fenoglio

Corso Francia 32

7) PADRINI HOUSE (1905), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Giambattista Balbis 1

8) GIRARDI HOUSE (1906), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Luigi Cibrario 54

9) NORO-BORIONE HOUSE (1906), Angelo Santonè

Via Luigi Cibrario 33 bis

10) BARAVALLE HOUSE (1906), Annibale Rigotti

Via Vassalli Eandi 18

11) NORO-BORIONE HOUSE (1908), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Amedeo Peyron 14

12) RAMA HOUSE (1909), Pietro Fenoglio

Via Luigi Cibrario 61

13) BALOIRE HOUSE (1911), Enrico Bonicelli

Via Le Chiuse 39

and neo-Liberty …

14) STATUTO HOUSE (1958), Sergio Jaretti / Elio Luzi

Via Le Chiuse 39

15) ASSICURAZIONI GENERALI BUILDING (1959), firm of BPR (Belgiojoso, Peressuti, Rogers)

Corso Francia 2-4

16) PARAVIA HOUSE (1961), Roberto Gabetti / Aimaro Isola

Corso Principe Eugenio 19