Calendar 15th to 24th November, 2016: UPDATES


Tue 15.11: 14,30-17,30.

Continuation of Lecture8. Architecture and the Decorative Arts: the Arts and Craft movement

Public review of Assignment 1, In Search of Orders in Turin


Thu 17.11: 13,00-16,00

Lecture9. The SKYSCRAPERI 1850-1906: anatomy of an innovation (Curtis: 40-51)

Sample questions and preparation for Paper1


Tue 22.11: 14,30-17,30

Lecture10. The SKYSCRAPERII 1910-1960: evolution of a building type (Curtis: 144-158; 258-270; Frampton: 219-223; 233-237).

Review of lectures 1-8, last Q&A on Paper1


Thu 24.11: 13,00-16,00

Paper 1 on lectures 1-8 (from Classical Language to Arts & Crafts)


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