The Order of Turin

In my first assignment you will be seeing the Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja which is one of the most well-known and a building that has become the one of the landmark of the city.The building wast the first Senate building of Italian Kingdom wich is one of the reasons that i chosed this building.


When you look at this building you can easily see the historical orders.On the first part wich is the part of the facade that the gates take place , has 4 columns wich are more of a different order .As you can see there are lots of decrations.Which are really interesting for me,becouse these are not just simple decorations.What we see here are the some pieces of a full armour . A really interesting choice of decoration fo20161102_164022r such building. Maybe to show how much important the military is in the eyes of the Royals ? I personally think that it is an amazing piece of art that you can see on an impressive work of architecture.These four columns divides the enterance in 3 parts and creates 3 gateways.






On the second part we can easily see the Composite order perfectly placed on the building.Each pilaster stands on a sturdy and formal fielded channel rusticated base against the ashlar masonry of the ground floor. The central three bays are emphasised by the bolder relief offered by full columns attached to the façade, which is returned inward behind them to afford a vast glass-fronted central interior space like a glazed loggia.




For my second assignment I choosed Palazzo Carignano . A historical building in the centre. Which houses the Museum of Risorgimento. Palazzo.Carignano.360.20675.jpg

Guarini’s masterpiece of palace design. With its billowing facade, its magnificent curved double stair, and its astonishing double dome in the main salon, it well deserves to be acclaimed the finest urban palace in Turin.



The undulating facade, the unique wavy brickwork, the preference for the oval, seen in the central tower, which houses on the piano nobile a large elliptical hall, and the unusual  moldings are amazing.


The fired brick facade is made in a curvilinear way, with the elliptical central body jutting out to the interior courtyard.












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