Pictures for Structure

the “Gran Madre di Dio” Church


The church “Gran Madre di Dio” located next to the River Po is a Neoclassic-style church. The church was built in 1814 to celebrate the King Victor Emmanuel 1 of Sardinia coming back to the throne. The architect was Ferdinando Bonsignore. Construction began in 1818, and stop for almost 10 years, and restart in 1827.



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There are 10 pillars in the front of the church. On the top of the pillars, there are some wavy carves. The triangular roof is carved with the Madonna. The gate of the church is wooden.
When people get in, they would see the hemispherical roof, marble columns, different shapes of sculptures.

Palazzo Madama


Palazzo Madama is a palace in Turin, it was at the first Senate of the Italian Kingdom. It takes its traditional name from the embellishments it received from two queens (madama) of the House of Savoy.
It became a fortress in the Middle Ages and subsequently a castle of the of the Princes of Acaia, and then, since 1934, the palace has housed the ancient art collections of the Museo Civico.

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The four-storey palace has a large collection of works of art

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