In Search of Orders in Turin by Zeynep Yavasan

Basilica of Superga

Among the many beautiful buildings in Turin, The Basilica of Superga has got to be one of the buildings that I find interesting. I think it has a rather epic story behind it.

The Basilica of Superga is a church located 10 kms near Turin. It was built from 1717 to 1731. The Basilica was commissioned by Vittorio Amedeo II during the French siege in 1706. It is said that the duke climbed to the top of the hill to check on the position of the French-Spanish army that had been besieging the town for four months. He prayed to the Madonna for help and made a vow that in exchange for the liberation of Turin he would dedicate the site to the Holy Mother of Graces. The victory came, Vittorio Amadeo was crowned King of Sicily and the design of the basilica was entrusted to the famous Sicilian architect Filippo Juvarra. The architect alluded to earlier styles while adding a baroque touch and the church is considered late Baroque-Classicism. Also it’s said that Victor Amadeus wanted the basilica to rest on this hill as reminder of the power of his family as well as continue a line of sight to the existing castle in Rivolli.

*The composition of the church is Corinthian Order used for both supporting and decorating the facade. The temple front is larger than typical proportions because the Superga is set upon this hill.

*The dome of the church was completed in 1726. We can also see the Corinthian Order used for support of the Melon Arches on the dome.

*Throughout the interior of the church we can see columns with Corinthian capitals and a Tuscan shaft

Zeynep Aslı Yavasan (S241648)


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