A local observation of orders by Sepehr Paryani

Torino-header.jpgcity of Turin

      through search for columns in the city of Turin I came across a number of different columns regarding a vast variety of architectural styles, most notably the Corinthian order witch is used in a greater majority of buildings in Turin. this essay aims on giving examples of different orders, used in the city.

dscf1849_stitch1 2.jpgview of via ROMA and the columns of tuscan order used in the passages

       The simple design of tuscan order makes it recognizable easily. this kind of columns aim on functionality rather than a decoration.

       Here we can see the use of tuscan order creating passage, used as a support for the buildings above the passage.

IMG_6411.JPGcathedral of saint john the baptist

      Here we see a different use of tuscan order in the facade as a means of decoration, integrating with the wall and stripped from functionality, called pilasters.

Turin national university library

        The Doric order is recognized by it’s simple cluster decoration with simple thick base and crown.

         here it’s used with an inspiration of french column with it’s lower decorations as highlighted in the picture.

FullSizeRender 6 2.jpgcastle of Valentino

         The Ionic order is built with more decorations notably in the crown with decorated pillar. the use of french inspired decorations is again present in this particular building.

IMG_7556.JPGfacade of Madama palace

IMG_8598.JPGA building seen in via Delle Orfane

 IMG_0349.JPGGalleria Sabauda facade

         Here in this two photos we see the use of Ionic order as pilasters and as a means of decoration of facade in the buildings. the use of columns of other orders such as Doric and Tuscan is also present in the design of Galleria Sabauda and Madama palace


IMG_7620.JPGMadama palace main entrance facade

        IMG_5749.JPGSantuario della Consolata

        The corinthian order is designed with heavily decorated crown with elements taken from Ionic order as we can see in the photo.

IMG_9338.JPGPiazza San Carlo

       Other notable order is the Superimposed order as shown in the photo above.

with regards. Sepehr Paryani (student no: s241050)


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