Mole Antonelliana847859347212191614 The tower was designed by Alessandro Antonelli in 1897

As you can see, Mole Antonelliana is the tallest masonry building in the world. The building has 167.5 meters height, and the spire is about 47 meters. Under the spire, there is a gable roof, it is sustained by two ranks Corinthian orders. A enormous dome cover the remaining reserves. Two friezes inset in the wall, and the interval of the friezes is another order. In general , the protruding characteristic of the building is the order. Almost all of the pillar is about Corinthian orders. The window is between the pillars, and the frames over the windows are orderly. At the entrance, 6 huge pillars sustain the floor, abundant people enter into the museum everyday.

573883962901124710             Initially, the building was regarded as a religious place. However, with the change of the architectural plan, the Jews abandoned the building. Subsequently, the government undertook the projection. So the building was used as a movie museum.

Nowadays, the mole is playing a vital role in the world. The building was printed on the back of 2 cents, and the symbol of 2006 Winter Olympic Game is also derive from the mole. The building provide a breathing and comfortable environment so that people can enjoy to watch the movies completely. After the films, visitors can be transferred to a platform, they will see the Alps and the panorama of the city. In this case, the mole is one of the symbol of the Turin.



                               Parrocchia San Bernardino


This building is located in via San Paolo.


The church has mediaeval style, brick-red walls, aerial pinnacle gable roofs, and so forth. I think it is a classical gothic building. The church also has some places for children to play sports. I saw many seniors that day, they sat on the davenport and enjoyed the times under the trees. The ancient church offer a quiet space to the citizens. The windows are narrow and vaulted, it constructs a mysterious atmosphere. The pillars are simple, at the top of the pillars, it has some sculptures. The color of the church is also simple, between brick-red and white, it makes the building tide and sacred. To be regret, I did not enter into the church.







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