Orders in Turin_ by Liu Chang



Cattedrale metropolitana di Giovanni Battista462270802804763120

The Cathedral of Turin is unmistakable in the cityscape is one example of Renaissance art still visible in the city. It was designed by architect Amedeo de Francisco da Settignano, detto anche “Meo del Caprino”, and built during 1491-1498. Outside shows a Renaissance facade in white marble, with three gates of which, the central one, main, topped by a pediment and flanked by two volutes.649210592619697873

On the left side there is the bell tower in Romanesque style, built around 1470 and further raised in 1720 by Filippo Juvarra.
I didn’t intend to choose this structure at first actually, but the interesting orders which I found inside made me to do so.315963203317622656
These two photo of columns were my favorite but I can’t tell exactly what orders they are. With the chapiter of Composite orders, however, their scapes appear to be heliciform, and there are beautiful and delicate decoration around it.20385892606990355

Here above is a photo of columns of Corinthian orders. Different from other columns, they were made by black marble.353874843702017974






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