Orders in Turin by Yangkaiqi

Palazzo Carignano


The palazzo carignano located in the central area of Turin.The palace was built by Guarino Guarini at 1679 which has been as the private residence of price Carignan. So it was named Palazzo Carignano. The unique circular appearance and twists lines show the traditional architecture of baroque .As we can see from the outside the ellipses concave and convex surface and red brick wall shows the classic baroque style.



Walking inside through the pointed arches,we can feel the luxury interior design.Up above we can see the dome is supported by several lesene which is the consist of the nave. The nice carving of the square entablatures perfectly connect the dome and the lesenes. There are several lenese that makes the nave as a smooth and open oval.The ribbed vaults are spreading but they all centered at the smooth dome.But the mattress pier and the entablatures are cuboids with detailed decorations. The circle elements and angled elements characteristic the whole architecture baroque.



Walk out through the front part,there is a huge forecourt in the middle of the palace surrounded by tall walls.There are some special sculptures around the windows from the bottom to the top of the wall ,just like stars for decorating.The circular building, of course,is still the most significant feature of the palace.



At the back of the palace,there is a beautiful corridor which color is brighter than the main building.On the wall by the street there are also special sculptures around the windows,a lion’s face at  the top of the window and some flowers on both sides of the window.

I have to say it is really a spectacular palace and it shows me the superb art of the ancient architecture.


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