20th Century Buildings with Columns in Torino




 Casa dell’Obelisco

Piazza Crimea ,2

Luzi Jaretti, apartment building, 1950s

The shape is inspired by an organic morphological aesthetic, and the style is new Art Nouveau, like a neo-Gaudí. The entrance (right and left ) is wonderful. The architects are totally unknown, I couldn’t find anything about them. In the ’50s this was a luxury building, but now it has a patina.


                     Palazzo del Lavoro


Architect Pier Luigi Nervi It has 85,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Like Mies van der Rohe’s buildings, there is a subtle fusion of structure and space in Nervi’s buildings. But whereas Mies searched for free internal space, Nervi’s aesthetic is dependent on an energetic exhibition of the structural parts of a building.

Permenantly closed



Date 1959 to 1961
Building Type exhibition Hall
 Construction System concrete, steel, reinforced curtain wall
Climate mediterranean
Context exposition site
Style Modern
Notes Palace of Labor. Internally supported on radial branches from huge central columns. Italia’61 Exhibition.





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