Schedule of Tuesday 25 October Class

The three-hour module of tomorrow class will be dedicated to the following:

14,30 – 14,45: Presentation of materials recently uploaded on the blog, Q&A

14,45 -15,10: Quick overview of Lecture 2: The debate between Ancients and Moderns, Q&A

15,10- 16,15: Lecture3: Architecture throughout Europe: the Enlightenment 1720 to 1790 (Bergdoll: 14-23), Q&A

16,15-16,30: PAUSE (no questions to the teacher during the pause, PLEASE)

16,30 -17,10: Instructions for Assignment 1 (SEARCHING for ORDERS in TURIN) by the student assistant Rossana Schiraldi. Q&A

17,15-17,30: Introduction to Lecture 4: Architectural ideas: the sublime and the picturesque (Bergdoll: 73-90)


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